• The history of Áncora 7 dates back to 1986 but the company was established in 1988 fundamentally to import shrimps of the farmed Vannamei species to supply the Spanish market.

    Over the years, Áncora 7 increased countries of origin of merchandise as well as the types and the presentation of the imported shrimps, always focusing on the aim to give the best service.

    We also widened our markets and crossed borders in order to reach other countries, such as Portugal, France and the USA.


Today and Tomorrow

  • After 25 years in the market Áncora 7 is now a well-known company within the sector and currently has a sales volume of almost 4.000 MT/year.

    We continue to import frozen shrimps (HOSO and HLSO) from many different places:  Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama, Mexico, India, China and Thailand. In different countries we have created direct cooperation networks with producers. This guarantees a regular supply throughout the year.

    We have among our customers the most important Spanish and French cooking plants, who supply the largest hypermarkets. We also service wholesalers and distributors, in this way the product reaches hotel chains and retailers.

    We are very proud to have reached where we are and our intention is to continue in this line of conviction to ensure that we always maintain our commitment for a good & high quality service.