• We try to maintain close and permanent relations with our suppliers as well as with our customers so that we can know their needs beforehand and strive to satisfy them.

    With regard to merchandising and distribution of goods, we work together with excellent service companies which mean that we can cover any required need at any time.


    We have a strong bond with producers and processors at origin in order to be able to carry out an exhaustive follow up of the product:

    • We have precise traceability reports of the product at our disposal. This allows us to know at all time; origin of merchandise, dates and details of process.
    • We require complete physical-chemical, organoleptic, microbiologic and absence of antibiotics tests to guarantee the excellence of the product.
    • Bearing in mind that regulations are more demanding every day regarding quality parameters and product traceability, at Áncora 7 we always strive to be one step ahead in order to cover all requirements in this respect.